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Refund Policy

Thanks for being here at iPaddle Adventures. We appreciate the fact that you like the stuff that we are doing. We also want to make sure you have a rewarding experience while you’re experiencing our service.

As with any booking experience, there are terms and conditions that apply to orders at iPaddle Adventures. We’ll be as brief as our attorneys will allow. The main thing to remember is that by placing an order or making a purchase at iPaddle Adventures, you agree to the terms set forth below along with the Policy.

  • In case of a cancellation, all renters that booked directly through iPaddle Adventures will be given a refund (less an administration fee of 5% – which would be deducted from the total amount refunded) if the cancellation is done 48 hours prior to the time of booking. If the cancellation is done within 48 hours of the time of booking, the renter will not be liable for any refunds.
  • If in case we cancel your booking due to a force majeure – say excessive winds, floods or any other unforeseen circumstances, you will not be liable for a refund for your booking. Instead, we will reschedule your slot to a date and time of your choosing according to the availability.
  • After the booking has been placed, you will not be able to modify the type and the number of the kayaks/SUPs that have been booked.